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SpotSum is a fitness streaming platform with a rewards marketplace. Sign up and complete solo or group fitness activities to earn rewards from local businesses. We offer a safe space to build physical and mental health with a variety of trainers & workouts in one place.

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Access on demand and live sessions from fitness and wellness champions.


Achieve your wellness goals and complete challenges to achieve them.


Earn points to match your effort.


Redeem points in a curated marketplace filled with goods and services
from the businesses in your community.

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Invest in your personal health and your community by completing activities to earn rewards.

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SpotSum has a vision for communities working together to spotlight opportunities for healthier and stronger lives. We're committed to creating a safe space for wellness providers to supercharge you while on a full circle wellness journey.

A company founded on the power of doing good, SpotSum believes in creating, advancing and rewarding every person and their community with the resources needed to make their world better.

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